Born in Walter Reed Hospital, raised on military posts all over, and married to an Air Force officer, Martha Murray Moore has enjoyed an ever-changing life. Among her job credits she can claim secretary, rodeo trick rider, horse trainer, artist, and a career with the U.S. Government as an Art Specialist. Now retired, her three sons grown and on their own, Martha lives halfway up a mountain in New Hampshire with a Bearded Collie and two miniature horses. Always an avid reader, she enjoys creating her own stories.

NEW! The Tycoon’s Mistake


Trust and Love: Two Powerful Forces

Luke MacKinnon is rich, handsome, successful, and happily single until he meets the delightful Julie O’Mara. A fateful encounter changes both their lives and sets in motion actions that reveal the depths of the passions of those Luke trusts and to what extent they will go for their own selfish desires.

The Tycoon’s Mistake is available in paperback from Amazon. It is also available in Amazon Kindle format and in many other e-book formats, including Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, Page Foundry/Inktera, and Barnes & Noble.


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Download the First Chapters for Free!

Try out the first chapters of three of Martha’s books, including the award-winning The King’s Black Dragon, for free! The chapters are in PDF format, so you’ll need Adobe Reader to view them. (Don’t have Adobe Reader? Download it here.)

Mountain Stronghold III: HOME Now Available

The third volume in the Mountain Stronghold trilogy is now available in both softcover and Kindle editions. Follow the adventures of John and Maryan as they head for home in Colorado, trying to avoid bad guys, weather, and other disasters along the way.

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Mountain Stronghold: Sanctuary

Mountain Stronghold: Sanctuary Now Available for Free on Amazon Kindle

The first book in Martha Murray Moore’s exciting Western romance trilogy is now available for you to try for FREE on your Kindle. This is a limited-time offer, so download your copy now!

Mountain Stronghold: Blood Ties, the second volume in the series, is available for the Kindle at a temporarily reduced price. If you enjoyed the first volume, now’s your chance to continue the adventure!

What Readers Are Saying About Mountain Stronghold: Sanctuary

…Kept me entertained & guessing the whole way through. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

…Loved the scenery. I could envision it as I read the book… Different from any others I have read…

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Martha’s books are also available in many other e-book formats including Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, Page Foundry/Inktera, and Barnes & Noble.