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MS3.Home.coverIn this third thrilling entry in the Mountain Stronghold series, John and Maryan are in New York City on their way to Vermont to purchase horses for the ranch, when a chance encounter with a Middle Eastern monarch leads to a kidnapping and a dire threat for the couple.
Adventure and intrigue follow them and threaten the greatest Stronghold of all: Home.


Enjoy the First Two Volumes in This Exciting Adventure Series

On their trip East to buy horses for the ranch, John and Maryan find themselves involved in adventure and great peril. Maryan’s crazed former fiance is only one of the challenges they must face.

Mountain Stronghold: Blood Ties is available in both softcover and Kindle formats from Amazon.


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Fleeing a despised pending marriage, Maryan finds herself on the high plains, evading a painted warrior bent on rape and murder. Rescued, she is taken to a secret valley, safe. The bearded mountain man and his Indian companions grow in her affections until she opens her heart to her big blue-eyed rescuer. Danger and adventure surround them but the most frightening threat is from her one-time fiance and his obsession with Maryan.

The first volume of the Mountain Stronghold trilogy introduces us to the brave and spirited Maryan and the people (both good and bad guys) who surround her. This fast-moving tale will keep you guessing right up to the very end!

Mountain Stronghold: Sanctuary is available in both softcover and Kindle formats from Amazon.